Knightcube | Communication
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Digital Media Services

  • Social media management & consulting: We specialize in developing measurable strategies that accommodates your goals via extensive auditing of your platforms to ensure effectiveness and efficiency
  • Digital advertising services: We are experts in segmentation and optimization in digital advertising. If your brand needs a push, we’ll design campaign tactics that gets your product in front of the right audience.
  • Community management: We take community management to the next level by providing cutting edge insights through our vast experience in the field.
  • Social media content creation: Your audience needs to be served with the right content, in the right platform, at the right time. We are strong advocates of developing editorial calendars that maximizes your brand’s impact through meaningful and platform-sensitive content.
  • Influencer platform: We are the hub you need to offer your product to other brands. You have social media capital that can be leveraged into another revenue driven business. 

Online and offline marketing

Advertising management. We have experience in planning, executing and leading actions through different channels and ads to achieve maximum brand awareness. We also offer specific offline marketing campaigns to complement your marketing online strategy in order to reach your target audience.